New Descriptor Better Captures Company’s Values and Goals

At Allard PPC and our sister company VRA Associates, we understand that words have tremendous power when you’re talking about others, but it’s particularly true when you’re talking about yourself.

So we think long and hard about how we want to portray ourselves to the world. We want the words we choose to reflect our values and ethics along with what we do for our clients.

Why? Because we feel just as strongly about operating ethically and within our values as we do about being successful.

In keeping with this kind of thinking, we’re announcing a change in the tagline we use to describe our company so that it better reflects our values and goals. That new tagline is Strategic Solutions for Business, Community and Planet.

We think it speaks for itself, but we’d like to take a moment and tell you why it’s so important to us.

Like any business that services other businesses, we want to do the best job we can for our clients. The bottom line is if they do well, we do well.

We make that happen by bringing together professionals who are the best in their respective fields such as web presence, social media marketing, promotional products or a host of other services we provide. Then we put the pieces together through tailor made strategic plans to advance the unique goals of each client. Finally, we implement those plans and give our clients analysis of their return on investment. And we do it all as transparently as possible, so our clients have confidence in us and the outcomes we produce for them.

It’s a formula that works, but we understand as well that there’s more to living a good life than doing well in business. And that’s why we carry over these values to how we engage in our communities locally and at the global level. How can we not? We could not enjoy our success if we were doing nothing to improve our community and the world in general.

That’s why you’ll find us working toward real and attainable goals such as improving local water quality and educating people about what they can do every day to make our community better. We know such measures have impact far beyond where they happen. For the same reason, we are seeking B corporation status as a step toward engagement for good on a global level and to set an example for other businesses with similar ideals.

We hope you now have a better understanding of what’s behind the words we use to describe Allard PPC and VRA Associates. But if you have questions, never hesitate to call us to chat. We’re always happy to share our thoughts on strategic marketing and the steps we can all take to make the world a better place for all of us.

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