Seeking Solutions for Today’s Non-Profits

At Allard PPC and VRA Associates, we’ve always looked for ways to do good in the world while we’ve built our business and helped others build theirs.

In the process, we’ve seen shortcomings in the ways some non-profits advance their causes and in the ways businesses try to support them. It’s not for lack of caring. It’s just that this is a part of the business and non-profit world that could use a little help.

Over the years of watching this sometimes awkward dance, we’ve come to believe there’s a better way to do things that makes the best use of the strengths of non-profits and businesses that believe in corporate social responsibility.

Our goal is a seamless solution that works as an alternative to a non-profit and the headaches that go with raising money to support one. Our solution is a hybrid business that brings together those non-profit organizations that need help and those companies able to offer it.

For our part, we will only do events that relate to ocean conservation and coastal and wetland protection, which we already do with projects in the United States. We hope to expand our awareness campaign to conservation efforts for areas like England’s South West Coastal Path as well.

Under our method of hybridizing the relationship, the corporate sponsor would benefit from exposure to supporters of the non-profit. Through our cause sponsorship management, we would provide our marketing expertise, social postings etc., making an even bigger splash — and raising more money — for the non-profit.

This would create the hybridization we spoke of earlier and be a win win for everyone. We hope it will also be an evolutionary step in the way businesses help the non-profits that share their values.

We’re already seeing this kind of partnering in Europe, where consumers have made it clear they will be loyal to the companies with whom they share values of social responsibility.

We’re talking about companies such as Sporrong: Swedish purveyor of medals cufflinks tieholders emblems brandsign pins necklaces brooches buttons and more. They’ve made clear their dedication to corporate social responsibility and benefiting non-profits and at the same time grown and sustained their company thanks to the support of loyal customers who share their values.

Talk to us today about your non-profit or one that your company wants to support, and we’ll help you find a way to make that happen that benefits you and the non-profit you want to help.