All it took was a few easy steps to help do our bit to lessen our Carbon Footprint when traveling. If you want to know how, read on…

Last in year Italy I unwittingly had made a small contribution by flying Norwegian Airlines Transatlantic as apparently they have the lowest Carbon Footprint for Transatlantic Flights. Who knew? I didn’t until recently.

Next I decided just for fun and less hassle to use the Train Trenitalia for my #CoastalYomping Adventures which not only was a great deal less expensive than renting a car but gave me the opportunity to soak up the views of the Italian Countryside without the manic driving in cities. These days many cities have restricted non-essential traffic anyway. Fine by me.

Some great traveling lessons learned from chats with other fellow passengers particularly solo world travelers.

A few tips then to mitigate  “flight shame” – or flygskam. We’ve minimized our flights, for Transatlantic Flights we are sticking to #NorwegianAirlines (no we’re not sponsored) as their transatlantic Dreamliner produces far less CO2 and we #Carbonoffset with their UN recognized program Chooose.

Go train – no brainer, in Europe highly recommend. See more and make more friends. You can make travel cost comparisons from A to B with an app like Rome2Rio.

The BBC has a good detailed article on Flight Shame

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